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Oasis Youth Center is open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth ages 11-24. 

To get connected to our programs and services or to learn more, please reach out through our contact form.

Project 13

Project 13 is an Oasis program specifically for queer and questioning middle school youth ages 11-14 in the South Puget Sound.  

Our program offers youth a safe space to gather, learn, and connect with peers for eight consecutive weeks during after-school hours. 

During Project 13, youth can look forward to weekly activities and discussions facilitated by staff and volunteers where they can build positive self-identity, community support, and critical thinking skills around consent, healthy relationships, and healthy decision-making.

Because these program topics build on one another, youth involved in Project 13 must attend all 8 weeks to get the most out of this program.  We ask that families commit to this first 8-week time-frame.   

After this 8-week cycle, we will continue to offer activity-based programming on Wednesdays prior to the start of our next cycle with new youth. While in the target ages of 11-14, youth are encouraged to stay involved with Project 13 through as many program cycles as they like.  Our curriculum will discuss topics in different ways, with new activities and angles to frame our discussions through.  Youth will get something new out of each 8-week cycle they participate in!

To contact Project 13 staff directly, please email us at

Oasis offers weekly drop-in programming and leadership programs for youth ages 14-24 at the following locations: 

  • Downtown Tacoma
  • Lakewood
  • Key Peninsula
  • Online/Web-based

If you are a queer or questioning youth or young adult between the ages 14 – 24 and want to join Oasis, please fill out our contact form to request an intake or contact us directly at to set up an intake meeting.

We can meet you in person at Oasis during drop-in hours on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday or at another public spot like a coffee shop, school, library, or counselor’s office for your intake. If none of those options work, we can also provide an intake over the phone or through a video-call.

At this time, Oasis is only considering internships of 12 months or more in length.

Internship applications are accepted year-round. 

Please contact us for more information or submit a volunteer application to be considered.

Oasis relies on interns and volunteers to donate 4,500 hours annually.  Oasis started with volunteers and the continual success and growth of our program hinges on the energy and determination of our volunteers.   Many people say they never begin volunteering because they are never asked.  We are asking! We ask that you share your time, your enthusiasm, and your passion with us.  Volunteering with Oasis Youth Center is as easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Fill out our online volunteer application.
  2. Attend our New Volunteer Orientation and Training.
  3. Submit all required paperwork.
Please note that all volunteers and interns must pass a comprehensive background check.

Are you a mental service professional and looking for ways to support LGBTQ youth?

Sign up to be a part of our mental health referral list or get trained to be a part of our voucher program.

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Not sure if you qualify? Go ahead and fill out the interest form and a staff person will get in contact with you with more information.


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